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30 Seconds To Mars ‘This Is War’
Music Video Free

Despite starting his career as an actor, Jared Leto has made quite an impact in the music world with his rock band 30 Seconds to Mars. The band have released three studio albums to date with the most recent being 2009s 'This Is War'. This album was highly acclaimed by critics and led to the band gaining several awards for their music. The album featured several singles including 'Kings and Queens', 'Closer to the Edge' and the title track 'This is War'. The latter song was accompanied by a dramatic and poignant video which is available as a music video free to download.

The video for 'This Is War' calls upon Jared Leto's previous acting experience to tell the tale of soldiers at war. Opening with a striking quote from HG Wells, the video begins by depicting a flickering military satellite image of the earth before zooming in on the band members dressed in full military regalia driving about the dry dessert in an army jeep while the music slowly builds up. When the music finally begins it is somewhat surprising with an acoustic sounding guitar and gentle tapping percussion instead of something heavy to match the harsh, war themed visuals.

Nonetheless, the song doesn't lose any of its impact and Jared Leto's gently growling vocals begin. Lyrically discussing the roles in war such as 'The Martyr', 'The Civilian' and 'The Soldier', the vocals are joined by powerful, descriptive images. As the song moves towards the chorus the pace quickens and the guitar becomes more urgent with the visuals depicting Jared Leto taking gun shots at the screen as well as scenes of mortar fire and explosions making it the ideal exciting music video free to download.

Finally, the chorus breaks with Jared Leto's rumbling scream which carries the song into the soaring chorus in the style that is highly characteristic of the band. Moving back into the verse, the images become more intense with a stream of explosions juxtaposed with slow motion shots of Jared Leto firing rifle rounds. Briefly, the video stops with a dramatic interlude depicting the band members including Jared Leto getting out of a jeep to investigate a potentially hostile situation. As Jared scans the dessert for danger the music continues until, out of nowhere, tanks, vehicles and helicopters fly towards the band members while the chorus thrashes out in the background. Amongst the chaos, shots are fired as the band members try to figure out what's going on, in the background the music slows into a breakdown with military style drumming and tender, chanting vocals. The video concludes with a gigantic build up of all the uplifted planes, tanks and vehicles forming a massive triangular structure in the sky while the band looks on. This is certainly a music video free of boring clichés.

Music Video Free - 30 Seconds To Mars ‘This Is War’

Watch 30 Seconds To Mars ‘This Is War’ on YouTube or by clicking on this link: music video free.

You can also watch 30 Seconds To Mars ‘This Is War’ on the iViewTube website or by clicking on this link: music video free.

The message that 'This Is War', which is a music video free to download, gives out is hard to ignore, with the devastating effects of war laid bare. Not only does the video visually demonstrate its point but also the songs sound and lyrical content. However, putting the videos political aspect aside the song is still excellent and shows that 30 Seconds to Mars certainly know what they are doing.

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