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Michael Jackson 'This Is It' Trailer Free Music Video

Since his tragic passing early in 2009, the world has re-awakened to the sure musical genius and icon that was Michael Jackson. Throughout his long and illustrious career, Michael Jackson was a very prominent figure in the world of pop culture as well as being a figure of parody for his larger than life spending sprees and requirements. The entertainer side of his personality was gregarious, outlandish and extreme but the quiet and soft nature of his private life led to much confusion as to who the real Michael Jackson actually was. Whether you admire him as an artist or see him as a tragic figure of dubious circumstances, no-one can deny his skills as a performer and fantastic ear for music.

From his early days as a member of the Jackson Five, Michael was the focus of attention as the little boy with the huge voice. As he grew into adolescence he developed further into a talented dancer, as shown in the free music video for one of his first really solo offerings as an adult ‘Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough’ as he shows off his disco moves. The rest of the music videos from his ‘Off the Wall’ album are similarly dance-orientated and really show off the great beats and tempos of the songs themselves. ‘Rock With You’ and ‘Off The Wall’ in particular are cult classics. Jackson went from strength to strength with this album, recording the iconic 'Thriller' album as well as subsequent class recordings 'Bad' and 'Dangerous'.

At the time of his death, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson had sold over 500 million records in total, with some experts suggesting even higher figures. He has also won countless awards including the Guinness World Book of Records Most Successful Entertainer of All Time, 13 Grammy Awards, 22 American Music Awards and 18 number one records. He has been named one of the 3 best-selling music artists of all time alongside The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

Free Music Video - Michael Jackson 'This Is It' Trailer

Even in death it appears Michael Jackson is still breaking records. He had planned to undertake a world tour of all of his greatest hits and collaborate with many of pop's biggest icons. However, due to his untimely death, these concerts have obviously been cancelled. Instead, a film with the proposed world tour's title ‘This is it’ is being released showing the pop star in his concert rehearsals and in the recording studio. This film is being promoted by Jackson's family and fans are already pre-ordering copies of ‘This is it’ the film on DVD. In addition to the popularity of the concert rehearsal footage, a single released posthumously ‘This is It’ seems set to sell thousands of copies and the 5th compilation album of the same name will undoubtedly hit the top spot as it combines all of Michael Jackson's top single releases with the new previously unreleased title track and previously unheard versions of Jackson's songs. There are also poetry readings and unreleased versions of his classic hits.

A free music video of the Michael Jackson 'This Is It' trailer is available on Metacafe or by clicking on the free music link here.

A free music video of the Michael Jackson 'This Is It' trailer is also available on the official This Is It website or by clicking on the free music link here.

From his dance moves to his unique singing style, Michael Jackson's pop icon status has led him to be one of the most searched artists on today's free music video websites. To see his countless music videos and performances for yourself, check out our other free music videos to see one of the most talented musical entertainers of all time.

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